At Carthage, we believe that 最好的方法是 learn. 我们相信 尝试新事物 最好的方法是 uncover a new passion. Carthage offers countless opportunities to further your education with unforgettable experiences in and out of the classroom.



Carthage is known for its long relationship with NASA. Carthage students have been selected to do...


12+ years conducting research for NASA.

Students led by physics professor 凯文·克罗斯比 regularly fly aboard NASA’s zero-gravity aircraft, perfecting a technology developed at Carthage that the space agency has named a top technology for the future. 大学毕业生 Space Sciences Program have gone on to, ahem, stellar careers in aerospace technology.

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Students and faculty in Peru during the January 2022 j项.
j项 sends students around the world.

j项 is famous at Carthage. It’s one calendar page devoted entirely to whatever you’re wild about. 旅行. 志愿者. 执行. 激励. 的re are more than 60 courses you can take on campus or go on a study tour led by a faculty member to such destinations as Cuba, 中国, 爱尔兰, 尼加拉瓜, 或者加勒比海.

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2018 j项 study tour to Paris
No. 在乡下.

Carthage has been ranked No. 在乡下 for student participation in short-term study abroad. That’s mostly thanks to our j项, when professors lead month-long study tours in 15-25 different countries. But many students choose to study abroad for an entire semester or year. To truly become a global citizen, reading and talking about the world is not enough. You need to experience living, learning, and working in other countries.

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Undergraduate Research Positions

Early and often in their time at Carthage, students are challenged to perform original study unde...
Summer research opportunities.

You, your professor, and 10 weeks of one-on-one mentoring. That’s what makes up the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience, or SURE. SURE pairs selected students with faculty members for paid summer research positions, including a research budget to help you get the job done right. It’s just one example of how Carthage emphasizes original research at the undergraduate level.



Student tax internship
Build your skills — and your resume.

实习 are key to bridging the gap between “college kid” and full-time employed adult. 的 Aspire Center can help you find the perfect internship to jumpstart your career. Maybe you want to find an internship at nearby companies like SC Johnson, 骑师, or Abbott Laboratories. Maybe you want to seek out opportunities in the major metropolitan cities of Chicago and Milwaukee.

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Carthage 荣誉项目 is rigorous and demanding, but incredibly rewarding for the College’s highest academic achievers. Students who join the program take specially designed courses during their first six semesters, participate in active Student Learning Communities, and complete an 荣誉 Portfolio their senior year. Students who complete the program will be recognized as Carthage 荣誉 Scholars.

Intellectual Foundations

Students must complete one seminar course called Intellectual Foundations, typically taken during the fall and spring semesters of freshman year. Intellectual Foundations will expose you to literature from the greatest thinkers, 作者, 艺术家, and leaders of all time — not so you can “ooh” and “ahh” at their genius, but so you can build upon it. You will imagine what could be possible, learn to think independently, and discover what you’re capable of achieving through intense discussions and complex writing assignments.

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing well is a powerful life skill, and Carthage is committed to teaching you to write well — no matter what your discipline. Carthage’s intensive Writing Across the Curriculum program requires all students to take four courses that are designated Writing Intensive (“WI” in the catalog). 的 first of these courses is Intellectual Foundations. Of the remaining three courses, one must be in your academic major; the other two can be any WI course in the curriculum. If you are completing more than one major, you need only one WI in one of the majors that you are completing.