Trevor Milne

Trevor Milne

Class Year



Davenport, Iowa


Engineering and Musical Theatre

Trevor Milne ’26 has enjoyed pursuing both engineering and musical theatre at Carthage. He is a part of the Society of Physics Students, Carthage Student Engineers, the microgravity research team, and the Wind Orchestra. The variety of opportunities for research, creativity, and community at Carthage are very valuable to Trevor. 

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“Carthage is a college that provided me with a great education in multiple areas of study. While most other schools are known for either their music or STEM programs, Carthage has great programs for both.”

Trevor Milne, ’26

Faculty mentors

“Being at a smaller school allows me to connect with all of the faculty I’m associated with, and I’ve already built great relationships with them. It really feels like the faculty at Carthage cares for each individual student and tries to work with everyone at their level. I’ve been given grace on work I probably wouldn’t have had at a larger school.”

Favorite class

“Acting I has been awesome. Each day at the beginning of class, we start with a game to activate everyone and break down the tension that comes with acting. And all the way through the class, we all lift each other up through the experience together, really making it feel like I’m working alongside everyone else — not fighting against everyone.”

Toughest class

Physics has definitely been a challenge. The workload is heavy and tough to complete if I’m not on top of my schedule.”

Campus involvement

“I’ve joined SPS (Society of Physics Students), theatre, the Society of Engineers, and the microgravity research team, and I’m currently working on becoming a member of the orchestra. As you can tell, Carthage makes it easy to join multiple clubs, and each tries to work around scheduled time.”

Career goal

“I hope to research aerospace engineering at NASA while also being a part of community theater and working my way up in both fields of work.”

Favorite spot on campus

“I’m a little bit addicted to coffee, so I would have to say the Starbucks is the number one spot on campus I’ll be at. It’s a great place to study as well as hang out with friends. Just be sure to beat the rush, or you’ll be waiting in line for sometimes 30 minutes for coffee.”

Favorite memory

“Bingo has definitely been one of my top memories. Almost the entire student body joins together to play bingo and win amazing prizes. Last time someone won a mini fridge! It’s definitely an experience you won’t want to miss out on.”

What would your 8-year-old self think of you now?

“I think my younger self would think I was awesome! I’ve somehow found a way to keep my passion for music and engineering and be able to study them both and maybe even possibly continue both works in my professional life.”